Lichao's Story

“Becoming a JPO has helped me strengthen my HR toolkit . . . .”

Junior Professional Officer, Department of Human Resources Management

I studied Business English during my undergraduate years and English-Chinese Interpretation during my postgraduate years. While focusing on Applied Linguistics, I have also been exposed to the principles and the cutting-edge developments of diverse disciplines like economics, renewable energy and Chinese foreign aid projects as I prepared for the interpretation tasks of seminars and conferences.

The quote “Meet the time as it seeks us” from Shakespeare best describes my passion. Rising to our time’s needs, I want to contribute to the cause of making people beneficiaries of peace and stability and see the positive impact on their lives. When searching for a job, I value its prospects for medium and long term career development, I value how much of what I am good at and what I intrinsically am can be translated into tangible outcomes, and I value how my family members can be supported in the process.

Becoming a JPO has helped me strengthen my HR toolkit and enabled me to learn about the UN HR frameworks, procedures and philosophy. This has been a whole new world compared to what I have accumulated as an HR Officer in China. UNIDO’s mandate appeals to me very much and I admire the professionalism and the respect for diversity that I discover embedded in UN officers’ everyday activities. Vienna also fascinates me and I follow Stefan Zweig’s idealism—to be a citizen of the world— to work and live here.

Being in HRM’s recruitment team, I represent HRM in interviews and draft assessment reports, I review the applications and make suggestions to HR officers. So far, the most important lesson I have learnt is how UN looks at talents and its approach to bringing the needed talents onboard.