Partner-Experts (PE) Programme

What is the Partner-Experts Programme?

Partner-Experts (PEs) are recruited under bilateral agreements between partner institutions and UNIDO. As a donor Member State or partner institution, the PE Programme gives you a unique opportunity to sponsor a qualified expert of your country or organization to gain experience working in the UN system. Our newly established programme aims to expand our partnership with member states, donors and partner institutions in contributing valuable human capital to the organization. The programme offers challenging projects and assignments in a variety of different areas of UNIDO’s activities.

Impact for Sponsors

The PE programme offers you the opportunity to have your Partner-Experts gain valuable experience as they are exposed to the work of UNIDO within the UN system. By collaborating with peers, PEs would be in a position to promote specific projects in the global development sector which are mutually beneficial to you and UNIDO. It is also envisioned that the PEs would become highly qualified subject-matter experts who can share their expertise with a wider audience, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities. UNIDO values the partnerships with the member states, donors and partner institutions sponsoring PEs and establishes a sound framework for managing the programme.

Impact for Partner-Experts


PEs are trusted to provide specialized professional inputs in the areas of UNIDO's business.


What is the programme's duration?

The maximum duration of the programme is 24 months with a minimum of six months, at no direct cost to UNIDO to perform specific functions or tasks.

How can a PE Donor Agreement be secured?

A sponsoring entity wishing to participate in the PE programme shall conclude a Memorandum of Agreement with UNIDO. For further information please send us an email:

Download UNIDO Brochure: PE Programme Brochure

Other downloads:

PE Agreement Template
Framework for the PE Programme