Industrial Development Board, 23rd session


A series of side events were organized in order to strengthen the dialogue between Member States and the Secretariat.

28 September 2000

The first meeting focused on the following topics:

  • the growth of industry outlining an analysis based on UNIDO's System of Industrial Development Indicators (SIDI)
    Executive summary... (PDF);
  • the implications of the international standards, conformity assessment and metrology trade
    Executive summary... (PDF).

24 October 2000

The second meeting focused on the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Kyoto Protocol;
  • The status of the climate convention intergovernmental process;
  • UNIDO response to the climate change.

  • Executive summary... (PDF)

9 November 2000

The third meeting focused on impact of UNIDO's integrated programmes - progress in developing a performance measurement system. Presentations will include the following topics:

  • Introduction and brief description of UNIDO's integrated management approach to programme performance measurement;
  • Overview of recent initiatives, rationale and results achieved;
  • Conclusions, lessons learned, next steps.

13 November 2000

The fourth meeting focused on the following topics:

Full report... (PDF)