Programme and Budget Committee, 15th session

Vienna, Austria, 14-16 April 1999


Annotated agenda (29 KB/4 pages)

  • All of the 27 Members of the Programme and Budget Committee (Argentina, Brazil, China, Côte d'Ivoire, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico , Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) participated in its fifteenth session at UNIDO Headquarters in Vienna. The Committee elected by acclamation Mr. A. Némethy (Slovakia) as Chairman; Mr. B. Figuera (Mexico), Mr. A.A. Anopuechi (Nigeria) and Mr. C. Poolakasingham (Sri Lanka) as Vice-Chairman; and Mr. N. Ito (Japan) as Rapporteur. (Photo: PBC in session)
  • Member States considered the level and content of the programme and budgets for the biennium 2000-2001 on the basis of the proposal of the Director-General. They also considered a report by the Director-General on candidatures for the appointment of an External Auditor. Discussions covered a review of the work of the Organization during the current biennium and integrated programmes developed in 1998 and the medium-term programme framework for the period 2000-2003. During the session, UNDO staff gave a brief presentation on UNDO's system of industrial development indicators (SIDI) and presented first results on the use of such indicators.
  • Programme and Budget Committee

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