Investment Promotion

Investment Promotion

UNIDO Investment promotion: A retrospective

2016 (20 pages/3 MB)

Tanzania Investor Survey Report: Understanding the impact of domestic and foreign direct investment

2014 (94 pages/1.68 MB)

Viet Nam Industrial Investment Report 2011: Understanding the impact of foreign direct investment on industrial development

2012 (194 pages/5.6MB)

Africa Investor Report 2011

2011 (217 pages/13MB)

Patterns of Internationalization for Developing Country Enterprises (Alliances and Joint Ventures)

2008 (240 pages/3.2MB)

Report of Expert Group Meeting on Investment for African Productive Capacity, Addis Ababa, 2007

2007 (46 pages/1.8MB)

Africa Foreign Investor Survey 2005: Understanding the Contributions of Different Investor Categories to Development. Implications for Targeting Strategies

2006 (220 pages/1.5MB)

Outsourcing Markets in Services: International Business Trends, Patterns and Emerging Issues

2005 (45 pages/626KB)

Africa Foreign Investor Survey 2003: Motivations, Operations, Perceptions and Future Plans - Implications for Investment Promotion

2003 (121 pages/932KB)

Investisseurs étrangers en afrique enquête 2003: motivations, activités, perceptions et projets futures Incidences sur la promotion des investissements

2003 (123 pages/1.0MB)

Guidelines for Investment Promotion Agencies

2003 (90 pages/1.1MB)

Foreign Direct Investor Perceptions in Sub-Saharan Africa

2002 (58 pages/382KB)

Report: UNIDO-Africa Investment Promotion Agency Network Inaugural Meeting

2001 (24 pages/157KB)