Science, technology and innovation publications

Outward Foreign Direct Investment, Exporting and Firm-Level Performance in sub-Saharan Africa

Working Paper - 07/2013

Did the global financial crisis hit Africa? Insights from a multi-country firm level survey

Working Paper - 06/2013

Importing, Exporting and the Productivity of Services Firms in Sub-Saharan Africa

Working Paper - 05/2013

Importing, Exporting and Performance in sub-Saharan African Manufacturing Firms

Working Paper - 04/2013

Foreign ownership and performance in sub-Saharan African manufacturing and services

Working Paper - 03/2013

Foreign Ownership and Labour Markets in sub-Saharan African Manufacturing and Services Firms

Working Paper - 01/2013

Importing, Productivity and Absorptive Capacity in Sub-Saharan African Manufacturing Firms

Working Paper - 01/2013

North-South and South-South Technology Transfer – A Conceptual Framework

Working Paper - 01/2013

Evidence-based Policy Making: The Ghana National System of Innovation - Measurement, Analysis & Policy Recommendations

Working Paper - 12/2012

Competitiveness and Diversification: Strategic Challenges in a Petroleum-Rich Economy

Working Paper - 3/2011