Technology Promotion

Technology Promotion

Technology Foresight Summit 2007. Main Report

2007 (53 pages/1.9MB)

The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Technology Transfer and Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence

2006 (100 pages/616KB)

Environment Friendly Indian Building Material Technologies for Cost Effective Housing

(74 pages/2.9MB)

Environment Friendly Building Material Technologies for Low Cost Housing

2005 (41 pages/3.1MB)

Indian Manufacturing Industry: Technology Status and Prospects

2005 (47 pages/0.2MB)

National Programme for Development of the Machine Tool Industry in India: A Success Story

2005 (39 pages/206KB)

Technology Transfer and Trade: The Toy Industry in India

2005 (34 pages/190KB)

Management of Technology: Selected Discussion Papers Presented at the Vienna Global Forum, Vienna, 2001

2002 (247 pages/0.9MB)