Annual Report 1999

The year under review marked a turning point in the history of UNIDO. Not only did it witness the successful completion of the Organization's transformation, but saw UNIDO embark on a new, more direct path towards the industrialization of developing countries and economies in transition. It also saw some fundamental changes in the way UNIDO works. A strict distribution of work by division or branch has given way to interdisciplinary, cross-organizational teamwork that involves not only Headquarters staff, but also those posted to field offices.

A greater emphasis on cooperation and collaboration has blurred UNIDO's previous rigid organizational structure, leading to greater efficiency and synergies. The vision of the staff has broadened beyond their particular field of expertise to envelope the whole gamut of UNIDO's activities. This year's Annual Report reflects this shift. The first chapter offers, in broad brushstrokes, a picture of UNIDO's activities in 1999, focusing on the integrated programmes and other innovations. Chapter II provides a more traditional description of the various services offered by UNIDO, while chapter III contains an analysis of the Organization's performance and a statistical breakdown of delivery.


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