Annual Report 2003

Message from the Director-General (excerpt)

"... Unlike what happened in the past six years, when UNIDO focused on internal restructuring, the point has now been reached when future efficiency gains at UNIDO will depend ever more on system-wide efficiency gains and the capacity of our Organization to benefit from them while contributing to them. I therefore strongly believe that future progress in reform efforts in UNIDO cannot take place in isolation, and that there is a critical need to increase the operational interaction and coordination in the field of economic development among the relevant United Nations programmes, funds and specialized agencies and the Bretton Woods institutions through enhanced information and experience-sharing. The resulting improvement in the integration of the programmes for economic and social development desired and promoted by the international community will greatly accelerate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, and will facilitate the development process far beyond the scope of what can be achieved through reforms of the individual agencies alone.

This will be the challenge of the coming years, and having re-established its own position of respect in the development community, UNIDO stands ready to make its contribution in helping to overcome this challenge."


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