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Side-event: Sustainable Development Goal Impact Investment Platform (SIIP) – Circular Economy  


Monday, 4 November 2019 | 1.30 – 3 p.m.

  • Key messages
  • Objectives
  • Format
  • Expected outcomes
  • • The SDG Impact Investment Platform is ready to be launched with Member States’ support.

    • Based on UNIDO’s track record of technical expertise, the organization is positioned to bridge the financing gap for SMEs in developing countries and can accelerate the role of SMEs in SDG implementation.

    • UNIDO has expertise in SDG impact assessment and close relationships with SMEs around the world.

  • The event will introduce how the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Impact Investment Platform will connect impact investors and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to leverage private investment flows into the achievement of the SDGs.

    The United Nations estimates that there is a gap of US$ 2.5 trillion in financing per year to achieve the SDGs in developing countries. Investment in SMEs is critical to achieving the SDGs and the types of financing arrangements between SMEs and international organizations is destined to evolve in the coming years, primarily through the adoption of emerging technologies.

    The event will require the audience to participate as potential investors. After hearing SDG aligned business pitches from three SMEs, the audience will use an interactive technology platform to cast their vote for the potential SDG impact associated with the pitch and the company they would like to invest in. The event will engage and guide the audience in a discussion about the challenges investors face in identifying a credible portfolio of SMEs in emerging economies.

    The event will also demonstrate how the SDG Impact Investment Platform will transform the way SMEs and investors can generate, deliver, and measure SDG-aligned impacts that can scale quickly and efficiently across a suite of different industrial sectors. A demonstration of the platform’s proof of value will attest to the innovative power of the SDG Impact Investment Platform.

  • The proposed event is comprised of an introduction presentation, SDG Impact Investment Platform journey experience from viewpoints of SMEs and investors, and interactive sessions where the audience share their feedback on their understanding of SDG impacts and decide which SME to receive investment. The interactive sessions will use physical objects to represent technologies integrated into the concept.

  • The main outcome of this event is to invite Member States to join this initiative as pioneering partners and leverage private finance which has a potential to bridge a financial gap needed to achieve the SDGs toward 2030.




Please find the full information of the side-event here.

All pictures from the Circular Economy side-event are available on UNIDO's official Flickr account.