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16 February 2021


09 March 2021

Organizational Context

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. The mission of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), as described in the Lima Declaration adopted at the fifteenth session of the UNIDO General Conference in 2013, is to promote and accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) in Member States. The relevance of ISID as an integrated approach to all three pillars of sustainable development is recognized by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will frame United Nations and country efforts towards sustainable development in the next fifteen years. UNIDO’s mandate is fully recognized in SDG-9, which calls to “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”. The relevance of ISID, however, applies in greater or lesser extent to all SDGs. Accordingly, the Organization’s programmatic focus is structured in four strategic priorities: Creating shared prosperity; Advancing economic competitiveness; Safeguarding the environment; and Strengthening knowledge and institutions.

Each of these programmatic fields of activity contains a number of individual programmes, which are implemented in a holistic manner to achieve effective outcomes and impacts through UNIDO’s four enabling functions: (i) technical cooperation; (ii) analytical and research functions and policy advisory services; (iii) normative functions and standards and quality-related activities; and (iv) convening and partnerships for knowledge transfer, networking and industrial cooperation. Such core functions are carried out in Departments/Offices in its Headquarters, Regional Offices and Hubs and Country Offices.

The Directorate of Environment and Energy (EAE), headed by a Managing Director, aims to integrate and scale-up the energy and environment activities focusing on supporting governments and industries to provide sustainable and resilient soft and hard infrastructure for industrial development, supporting industries to contribute to climate neutral circular economy, and supporting governments and industries in fulfilling national commitments under multinational climate and environmental agreements.

The Directorate consists of the Department of Environment (EAE/ENV) and the Department of Energy (EAE/ENE).

This position is located in the Climate Technology and Innovation Division (EAE/ENE/CTI) within the Department of Energy (EAE/ENE), where the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) is housed.

The Climate Technology and Innovation Division (EAE/ENE/CTI) is responsible for supporting Member States with access to and uptake of low-carbon, climate friendly and clean energy technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship. It focuses on supporting entrepreneurship and facilitating the establishment of conducive innovation systems. In addition, the Division is also responsible for supporting member states with enabling markets for low-carbon technologies and their use by industry and local communities, thereby contributing to climate mitigations and resilience in recipient countries.


The primary obstacles to the large-scale deployment of low carbon, climate resilient technologies required are access to finance and limited pipeline of investment-ready projects. The large investment flows to achieve the transition at the speed and scale necessary to meet global climate and energy challenges can only be achieved by leveraging the private sector. PFAN matches financing with innovative low carbon, climate resilient projects in developing countries and emerging economies with a small public investment through a low-risk, low overhead networking model based on fixed fee project development, transaction advisory services, and investor forums, meeting a need recognized in international development and climate circles. PFAN supports companies for low carbon, climate resilient projects in the areas of upstream technology development and downstream technology deployment. It mobilizes the expertise of private sector companies in financing climate-friendly projects and technologies to screen business plans and select the most economically viable and environmentally and socially beneficial projects. For the entrepreneurs and businesses selected, PFAN provides guidance on economic feasibility, project structure, investment and financing, preparation of the business plan, and introductions to investors. Specifically, PFAN serves three functions:
1. Capacitate entrepreneurs and businesses to develop bankable projects
2. Mitigate investor risk
3. Mainstream investments in low carbon, climate resilient projects for sustainable development PFAN is active in various regions, where it directly responds to the urgent need for capacity building of project proponents as well as investors, and in parallel to the need of market creation to help develop the investment opportunities and stimulate the interest of market participants.
In particular, PFAN sources promising and mature projects of significant size (the typical deal size supported by PFAN is 1-50 m USD) and provides highly specialized technical assistance to support the project proponents in developing investment ready proposals. These proposals are then introduced to prospective sources of finance. PFAN aims to ensure that women and men have equal opportunity to benefit from and participate in its services. Promoting gender equality is not only beneficial from a societal point of view, but also from an economic and impact perspective. PFAN recognizes not only its responsibility, but also the opportunity to engage with more women, more women-led businesses and more gender-focused projects. The main objectives with this regard include:
1) To achieve greater, more sustainable, equitable outcomes and impacts in an efficient and comprehensive manner by empowering women to actively contribute to and benefit from PFAN’s network and services.
2) To encourage every project supported by PFAN to be gender-responsive so that women and men’s resilience to and ability to address climate change, as well as access to clean energy, are equally enhanced.
3) To increase the pool of women-led and gender-focused projects in the clean energy and climate adaptation sector in order to reduce the gender gap of climate change-exacerbated social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities.

In February 2021, PFAN launched a dedicated country programme in Pakistan, titled Pakistan Private Sector Energy (PPSE) activity. Funded by USAID, this activity aims to increase private investment for energy projects in Pakistan, with a focus on clean energy and energy efficiency achieving financial closure.

Duty station: Islamabad, Pakistan

Main Functions

The Communications and M&E officer will work under the direct supervision of the Senior Technical Advisor and the PFAN Programme Management Unit. S/he is expected to closely coordinate with the PFAN Global Coordinator and other members of the Network, as well as with REEEP (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership) as executing partner of PFAN.


Together with the Senior Technical Advisor and the Output Leads the Expert will support the development, implementation and evaluation of PFAN Communication Strategy in Pakistan, following the USAID and PFAN Branding and Marking requirements, to reach and inform a variety of stakeholders including:
USAID, Entrepreneurs & Private Sector, Investors,Donors & Development and Local Financial, Institutions,Pakistani Government and public sector institutions.

- Liaise with the media and ensure outreach and promotion of PPSE project to the different stakeholder groups.
- Manage the development of USAID and PFAN branding in Pakistan; undertake outreach activities; showcase and substantive project development and investment events; make presentations on assigned topics/activities.
- Coordinate the development and dissemination of project publications and other relevant written materials.
- Assist in the design and content of any PFAN information products supplied to both requesting parties, service providers, collaborative partners and co-financing institutions.
- In conjunction with colleagues, devise communications activities and campaigns specifying objectives, target audiences, message content and appropriate channels together with provision for audience feedback and evaluation.
- Contribute to the planning and organisation of events and webinars, by, amongst others, drafting talking points, press releases and preparing necessary visual and promotional materials.
- Coordinate the work of consultants, partners and sub-contractors, review intermediary outputs, documents and reports, ensure the timely delivery of expected outputs, and effective synergy among the various sub-contracted activities.
- Coordinate social media and digital/online presence and visibility in accordance with USAID and PFAN branding strategy and marketing Plan.


Support the implementation of the PPSE Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Plan, by Leading the qualitative and quantitative data collection, and compiling them on a quarterly basis; specifically the contextual indicators and the performance indicators specific to Pakistan:

- Undertaking regular calls/monitoring visits and other needed methods to monitor and collect relevant data related to project activities.
- Ensuring quality assurance of monitoring and evaluation standards.
- Maintaining an effective and updated filing system of M&E related documents.
- Perform data quality assessments for selected indicators required by the donor.
- Preparation and submissions of quarterly M&E updates, and related documents/reports.
- Update the MEL Plan as and when necessary, based on the lessons learned during the Project implementation.
- Lead the identification and drafting of project case studies extracting and disseminating lessons learned, as well as success stories.
- Verify socio-environmental impact data from PFAN Advisors and project developers.
- Inform the relevant stakeholders, including the USAID, UNIDO and other stakeholders, about the steps taken for monitoring and evaluation and ensure their involvement in the M&E processes.
- Monitor specific aspects of project implementation, identify problems, and propose that actions be taken to ensure smooth delivery of activities.
- Provide inputs to the project progress reports and any other relevant input requests.


- Co-ordinate the overall development, implementation, and management of the PFAN Knowledge Management System in Pakistan to facilitate the capture, storage, utilization, creation, and sharing of information and knowledge.
- Explore Information Technology and Knowledge Management options (innovative web and social media networking platforms, knowledge management platforms, e-learning platforms, and virtual conferencing and events platforms) for the effective dissemination and uptake of PFAN resources.
- Identify and formulate lessons learned from M&E efforts to be integrated into broader knowledge management efforts for USAID project to be reported as and when required.

Core Competencies

Core Competencies:
WE LIVE AND ACT WITH INTEGRITY: work honestly, openly and impartially.
WE SHOW PROFESSIONALISM: work hard and competently in a committed and responsible manner.
WE RESPECT DIVERSITY: work together effectively, respectfully and inclusively, regardless of our differences in culture and perspective. Key Competencies
WE FOCUS ON PEOPLE: cooperate to fully reach our potential –and this is true for our colleagues as well as our clients. Emotional intelligence and receptiveness are vital parts of our UNIDO identity.
WE FOCUS ON RESULTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: focus on planning, organizing and managing our work effectively and efficiently. We are responsible and accountable for achieving our results and meeting our performance standards. This accountability does not end with our colleagues and supervisors, but we also owe it to those we serve and who have trusted us to contribute to a better, safer and healthier world.
WE COMMUNICATE AND EARN TRUST: communicate effectively with one another and build an environment of trust where we can all excel in our work.
WE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX AND INNOVATE: to stay relevant, we continuously improve, support innovation, share our knowledge and skills, and learn from one another.

Minimum Requirements


Advanced University degree in communications, international relations, political science, economics, or other relevant discipline.


Fluency in written and spoken English is required.
Fluency and/or working knowledge of another official UN language is desirable. Knowledge of Urdu would be an asset.

Field of Expertise

Minimum of 5 year of related experience in the field of communication, media outreach and monitoring and evaluation of international projects/programmes.
Relevant experience at the national and international level in public relations, communications or advocacy is required.
Proven experience with planning, design and implementation of M&E systems, M&E methods and approaches and data/information analysis, along with a good understanding of data quality checks/validation, is required.
Ability to write in a clear and concise manner and excellent communication skills are required. Ability to work effectively in highly decentralised, multi-cultural teams is preferred.
Professional experience with international organisations, donor community and/or consultancy companies in Pakistan will be considered as an asset.

This appointment is limited to the specified project(s) only and does not carry any expectation of renewal.

Employees of UNIDO are expected at all times to uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity, both at work and outside. Only persons who fully and unconditionally commit to these values should consider applying for jobs at UNIDO.

All applications must be submitted online through the Online Recruitment System Correspondence will be undertaken only with candidates who are being considered at an advanced phase of the selection process. Selected candidate(s) may be required to disclose to the Director General the nature and scope of financial and other personal interests and assets in respect of themselves, their spouses and dependants, under the procedures established by the Director General.

NOTE: The Director General retains the discretion to make an appointment to this post at a lower level.

PFAN Communication and M&E Expert

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