Industrial Knowledge Bank

The Industrial Knowledge Bank (IKB) is an innovative mechanism of tripartite cooperation created by UNIDO to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise towards the industrial and productive development in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The IKB was founded in 2009. It started operating with an innovative cooperation and knowledge dissemination model, building on existing expertise shared among the countries. Through this independent, flexible and reliable mechanism, needs are addressed with technical assistance by exchanging knowledge in real time with an efficient cost.

UNIDO plays an active role bringing together supply and demand of the different institutions and partner countries. It responds to technical assistance demands making sure that cooperation takes place in the short-term, bringing tools for project formulation when and if needed. The members of the IKB are able to perform as donors, as recipients or as both at the same time. 

How the IKB tripartite model operates:

  1. Entities that donate knowledge: lend their experts to provide technical assistance at no cost and are responsible of the quality, integrity and professionalism of the assistance offered. The process takes place on the basis of specific skills and methodologies developed nationally or institutionally. This technological assistance is free of charge and quantifiable (with weeks/expert).
  2. Entities that receive knowledge (experts’ technical assistance): are in charge of covering the local expenses incurred by the expert (local travel costs, accommodation and food) during missions.
  3. UNIDO: covers the travel expenses of the experts (from the country of origin to the mission destination). In addition, UNIDO manages the IKB in order to meet the demands and organize technical assistance between donor and recipient entities. 

The need of sustainable development and equitable economic progress is often reiterated. Following these lines, UNIDO’s initiative is centered in three main thematic areas:

  1. Creating shared prosperity
  2. Advancing economic competitiveness
  3. Safeguarding the environment

The novelty of this tripartite approach is the flexible placement of experts, the efficient and low cost provision of specialized knowledge and the development of promising opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

For more information, please check the IKB portal.


Diego Masera
Chief, Latin America and the Caribbean Division

Miriam Hintz
Team Assistant, Latin America and the Caribbean Division

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