How to apply

Parties interested in participating in the Industrial Knowledge Bank (IKB) as donor or as recipient entities must send their application/offer of technical assistance to UNIDO. Once received, the UNIDO IKB verifies the experts' qualifications and acts as a facilitator of knowledge by unifying the demand with the supply. UNIDO, through the IKB, coordinates the logistics of technical assistance and supervises its implementation.

After finishing the mission, the expert presents a final report and evaluates the logistics of the technical assistance. At the same time, the entity receiving the knowledge evaluates the efforts of the expert and the quality of the received assistance. The UNIDO IKB analyzes the results based on the received reports and presents its recommendations to the two parties of the cooperation. Future projects and technical assistance can be derived on these recommendations. The UNIDO IKB spreads the results among interested parties as, for example, the Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC) in Vienna, Austria.

The technical assistance provided through the IKB and the experts of the donor institutions is documented through a series of forms in reports.

If you wish to collaborate with the IKB as a donor or a recipient entity of assistance, you can download the pertinent documents in the following section.

Documents for donor entities:

Documents for receiving entities:

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