The workshop participants agreed on several recommendations about possible actions with the will to create an active community to exchange information and encourage actions, identifying potential sectors and opportunities of association to diversify trade sector among regions. They agreed on establishing instruments for more efficient support of SMEs as well as guidance through global norms to facilitate the path towards the international protocol information and the connectivity of the markets. 

1. Dissemination of results and knowledge exchange

Channels of dissemination 

     • Electronic Referral Portal

www.pymesexportan.com.ec / www.smesexport.com.ec  


     • Social networking via Twitter and LinkedIn

LinkedIn Group Page: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Strengthening-International-Alliances-in-Global-8384566/about 

Twitter Site: https://twitter.com/unido?lang=de 

     • Create community of practice

          ° Share contact details (register)  
          ° Create focal points

     • Language facilitation: 

Information of LAC, EEU and BRICS provided in English
Create an information portal for innovative products in the form of virtual exhibition

Knowledge exchange – content

     • Mantain updated information 

          ° importer/exporter events
          ° international events through links (to participate in international events)
          ° Catalogue of trade institutions 

     • Novelties on product certification, protocols and technical norms between regions (Articles)
     • Identification of frequently asked questions (FAQ of institutions, sectors)
     • Contact information: link workshop webpages to national agencies‘ sites

2. Mutual accreditation and recognition of regional regulations

     • Promote discussion for mutual recognition of certificates 
     • Regional Workshops among accreditation agencies for cooperation and partnerships

3. Promotion of best practices and identification of potential sectors and opportunities for associations

      • Workshop on optimization of logistics between LAC, EAEU and BRICS countries' markets
      • Webinars: Share best practices of trade and products in target countries
      • Organization of Business Round Tables/Workshops (per sectors, per regions in LAC : i.e Caricom, SIECA,...) with EAEU
       • Partnership opportunities leveraging UNIDO Industrial Knowledge Bank (IKB)

           ° founded by UNIDO in 2009 to promote exchange of knowledge and expertise towards the industrial and productive development in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
           ° Innovative triangular mechanism of South-South cooperation where members either donate (at no cost), receive technical assistance, or both simultaneously 
           ° Short term, independent, flexible and reliable mechanism 
           ° Aiming and eventual expansion of scope to other regions: Eurasian region and BRICS countries
           ° More details on operating mechanism, cooperations and partners: