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Side-event: Young Entrepreneurs as Drivers of Innovation and Job Creation for Competitive and Resilient Economies

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Wednesday, 6 November 2019 | 8.30 – 10 a.m.


  • Key Messages
  • Objectives
  • • If supported by an enabling ecosystem and provided with the adequate tools, human and technical capacities, young entrepreneurs can greatly contribute to the transformation of communities, generate sustainable livelihoods, and strengthen social cohesion and economic resilience.

    • The coordinated and coherent engagement of policymakers, the private sector, intermediary support structures, development partners and, most importantly, the youth has the greatest potential to unleash such youth entrepreneurship.

  • Inspired by the stories of young entrepreneurs, the proposed event will showcase how young entrepreneurs are contributing to the modernization of local industries and have gained access to new markets by applying their creativity and skills to realize opportunities in a broad scope of areas including agripreneurship, industrial design and branding. Their stories will be testimony to the role that the global youth has in driving local innovation and job creation, and thereby contributing to the improved and sustainable livelihoods in rural communities, to social inclusion and cohesion, and to economic competitiveness.

    The event will showcase how UNIDO engages with young entrepreneurs, in line with the Lima Declaration on Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development. Examples will be drawn from the current project portfolio, and will include themes such as the integration of entrepreneurs in agro-based industries and related services or enhancement of their competitiveness through branding and industrial design.

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Please find the full information of the side-event here.

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