Africa’s Agribusiness & Agro-Industries Development Initiative (3ADI)

This regional initiative was borne from a High Level Conference on Development of Agribusiness and Agro-industries in Africa that was convened by UNIDO and attended by leaders from over 35 African countries. A consensus was reached at the conference which held in Abuja, Nigeria (2010), that UNIDO, together with FAO, IFAD and AfDB facilitate the implementation of the 3ADI.

3ADI’s vision is to have a competitive, sustainable and inclusive agro-industries and agribusinesses in Africa as a pathway to increased economic growth and food security for the continent. The initiative is consistent with the emerging consensus in Africa that if agriculture is to be the main sector to stimulate economic growth, then investments should go beyond improvements in on-farm productivity to also cover development of agro-industries and other post-production segments of agriculture value chains.

The 3ADI Methodology

Regional update on 3ADI

Nigeria is one of 12 pilot countries in Africa that was selected for the implementation of 3ADI and UNIDO-Nigeria has been working closely with the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment (FMTI), the Federal Ministry of Agriculture (FMA) and other partners to design and facilitate the implementation of the Nigerian program - Nigerian Agribusiness and Agro-industries Development Initiative (N2ADI). The key thrust of N2ADI is to promote and facilitate value addition of selected commodities in Nigeria, as the impetus for increased agricultural productivity.

Preliminary consultations with program stakeholders have identified and ranked commodities that N2ADI proposes working with. These commodities include: Cassava, Cocoa, Cotton, Fisheries, Fruits and Vegetables, Ginger, Groundnut, Gum Arabic, Leather Products, Oil Palm, Rice, Sesame, Shea nut, Sorghum/Millet and Yam.. UNIDO-Nigeria is currently working with its partners and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive program document and identify funding mechanisms for the N2ADI.

Noteworthy is the official launch of UNIDO’s book - Agribusiness for Africa’s Prosperity in Abuja in February 2012. The book, a blueprint for agribusiness for Africa, is complementary to ongoing 3ADI efforts in the region and will serve as an invaluable source of information for policy makers

In Ghana, the selected value chain is cotton and a strategy paper has already being prepared by UNIDO in readiness for a high-level stakeholders meeting slated for the last quarter in 2012. Ginger and cashew nuts have been selected for Sierra Leone and Growth Centres for training/ production are being rehabilitated. In Liberia, the selected value chains for 3ADI are Rice, Fruits and Vegetable and the initiation of project implementation is pending approval of funding by donor(s).  It is envisaged that this pilot program will be replicated in other countries in the sub-region

How 3ADI contributes to regional integration