Features of The GSSD Expo

High-level opening ceremony

The Global South-South Development Expo 2012 was initiated with a high-level opening ceremony in the elegant Hofburg setting. It featured video messages, presentations and statements by key players in South-South cooperation. This momentum continued for the duration of the 5 days of the expo with engagement of participants in all high level segments and the South-South forums and meetings.

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The exhibition floors

Throughout the GSSD Expo 2012, the exhibition floors showcased successful and innovative Southern-grown development solutions. These solutions are considered to be some of the best practical examples of South-South cooperation in the world today.

This year, the exhibition floors showcased 55 innovative development solutions - the largest exhibition floor of any GSSD Expo to date. The exhibition floors successfully linked solution providers and seekers from developing and developed countries. The displays focused on many of the underlying principles of South-South cooperation: priority and demand driven solutions; Southern ownership; Southern leadership; broad-based partnerships; innovation; efficiency; sustainability; and scalability. In addition South-South, triangular and public-private partnership mechanisms were also on show.

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Leadership Round Table

The annual Leadership Round Table of the United Nations Global South-South Development Expo offered again a unique platform to bring together relevant stakeholders of South-South Cooperation. Reflecting UNIDO’s thematic priorities, the 2012 edition of the Round Table was held on the topic of "South-South Cooperation: Investing in Sustainable Industrialization; Jobs and Wealth Creation."

Each year’s Leadership Round Table is in the spirit of the broader GSSD Expo. Designed as an interactive dialogue among panelists and the audience, the Round Table debated how South-South Cooperation can create a policy environment that wouldto ensure that investment flows across the Global South bring along sustainable growth, jobs and wealth creation.

The panel was composed of high-level representatives and senior officials of the United Nations and Member States and featured renowned leaders and experts in the field of renewable energy and South-South and triangular cooperation.

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Launch of major initiatives and partnerships

The major Initiatives and partnerships session of the United Nations Global South-South Development Expo 2012 spotlighted exemplary initiatives that have embraced South-South and Triangular methodologies in achieving sustainable development objectives.

In line with the overall theme of the Expo, the segment focused on renewable energy solutions, climate change adaptation, and other initiatives supporting sustainable development in the Global South either directly or indirectly.

Several UN systems agencies shared their work in leveraging South-South and Triangular partnerships to build knowledge exchange platforms across various sectors throughout the South. Among others, Mr. Cormac O’Reilly and Mr. Kazuki Kitaoka presented UNIDO’s Networks for Prosperity Initiative.

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UN South-South stakeholders' and high-level development cooperation Directors-General meeting

The meeting provided a forum for United Nations development practitioners to share best practices and lessons learned in their support of South-South and triangular cooperation. It also created an effective inter-agency network to improve the mainstreaming of South-South and Triangular cooperation across the United Nations system and among regional and international partners.

Participants discussed best practices in South-South and triangular cooperation regarding critical development issues such as climate change and environment, social protection and decent work; food security and global health. The discussions focused on strengthening the policy strategy and the implementation of South-South and triangular cooperation – in particular in the respective role of middle-income countries and regional organizations.

During the session, new proposals to further knowledge management, knowledge-sharing, peer learning and scaling up were pushed forward, including the expected roles of UNDP and other United Nations organizations in facilitating South-South and triangular cooperation.

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Closing ceremony and awards

The closing ceremony of the GSSD Expo 2012 was a celebration of the event’s successes. Eminent leaders in South-South and triangular cooperation, including government officials, leaders of United Nations agencies and intergovernmental organizations, and other significant leaders of Southern initiatives shared their ongoing commitment to South-South cooperation and highlighted the importance of it going forward.

“This year’s Expo has demonstrated the power of the Global South to respond efficiently to the crosscutting development challenges posed by energy insecurity and climate change”, Mr. Taizo Nishikawa, Deputy Director-General of UNIDO, said in his closing remarks.

The ceremony ended with a grand performance of the Vienna Musikschule Favoriten, and presentations of the annual South-South Cooperation Awards. The Annual South-South Cooperation Awards celebrated those solutions that stood out as global in scope, reach and impact and exemplary of the most important elements of South-South cooperation: innovation, partnership and leadership.

The three recipients of the 2012 Annual South-South Cooperation Awards in these categories were:

  • Partnership – Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio), Costa Rica
  • Innovation – India IMPEX (SUNLITE): An Off-Grid Solar Lighting Initiative
  • Leadership – Brazil and Mozambique for Biofuels Productions, FGV


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