Energy policy and global forum activities

National and international experiences have shown the primary importance of good energy policies in setting the framework for the achievement of sustainable energy development and climate change mitigation goals, and ensuring their sustainability. Depending on the context and objectives of its clients, drawing on a wide range of internationally demonstrated best practices, UNIDO provides advisory tailored services and technical assistance for the design of policies and relevant implementation mechanisms aimed to promote and support energy efficiency in industry, technology transfer and the transformation of the market for industrial energy efficiency products and services. The Organization benefits from a unique combination of access to high-level decision makers and an extensive international network that ensures on-the-ground deployment of solutions. Both dimensions complement and reinforce each other.

The formulation of efficient, effective and successful industrial energy efficiency policies requires the availability of good quality energy data. Such data are the basis for realistic targets, reliable cost-benefi t analysis, the prioritization of interventions and the shaping of supporting programmes. Recognizing the deficiencies of many developing and emerging countries with respect to energy data for industry, a core component of the UNIDO energy programme focuses on assisting countries in the collection of better energy data for decision-making. This includes the development of tools and methodologies and their actual application: energy surveys, energy audits, benchmarking and energy performance indicators are some of the approaches that have been successfully applied.

Partnerships are essential to the development and implementation of successful energy policies. This includes partnerships between industry and government, but also international cooperation. Partnerships can create enabling conditions for stakeholders to formulate and pursue common strategies and objectives, and they can accelerate technology development. UNIDO is a honest broker that has had a proven track record in this field for four decades. The Organization helps developing countries and transition economies to access carbon markets and other financing mechanisms, and it helps donors in identifying opportunities to realize their international industrial development targets.

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