Johannesburg, South Africa, 24-27 September 2007

The South African Government hosted an Extraordinary Session of the Conference of African Ministers of Industry (CAMI) between 24 to 27 September 2007 in Johannesburg South Africa, which was organised by the African Union, the CAMI Bureau and UNIDO. The session was attended by African Ministers of Industry, Senior Industry officials, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), partner organisations, and AU and UNIDO representatives.

The purpose of this Extraordinary Session of the CAMI was to bring together African Ministers of Industry, African experts in industrial development and African industrialists to brainstorm together on some of the key issues for African industrial development. One major input of the conference was, as directed by the strategic programme of the Commission approved by the AU Summit of 2004, on “Production Diversification from natural resources to manufactured products”. Other inputs on energy production for industrial development and transfer and mastering of technology were highlighted. The conclusions and recommendations of the Conference will serve as inputs for the preparation of the draft Declaration.

The CAMI was organised around the following broad issues:

  • Utilisation of raw materials for the transformation of African economies.
  • Energy Security for Africa – its role and challenges in industrial development.
  • Investment for African Productive Capacity emphasising the need for enhanced capacity building in both government and the private sector; the role of both Domestic and FDI; central role of accurate and current information; improved corporate governance and reduced business risk.
  • Improving industrial performance and competitiveness through provision of cheap and abundant electricity, availability of well trained manpower and conformity to international standards.

The outcome of the CAMI was:

  • The development/Establishment of a Common Industrial Development Strategy for the Continent;
  • A draft Declaration on the Strategy for Africa's Industrialisation; and
  • An Action Plan for Industrialisation through production and diversification.

CAMI Angola's Representative