Basic Legal Documents of UNIDO

Constitution of UNIDO (entered into force on 21 June 1985)

Historical Documents

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1965-12-20General Assembly Resolution 2089 (XX) concerning the establishment of the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development English
1966-11-17General Assembly Resolution 2152 (XXI) concerning UNIDO as an autonomous organization within the United Nations English
1975-03-26Lima Declaration and Plan of Action on Industrial Development Co-operation (Adopted by the Second General Conference of Former UNIDO at its Final Plenary Meeting, Lima, Peru, 12-26 March 1975)English
1985-12-17Agreement between the United Nations and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization English
2013-12-02Lima Declaration: Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (Adopted by the Fifteenth General Conference of UNIDO at its Second Plenary Meeting, Lima, Peru, 02-06 December 2013)English

Rules of Procedure

 Regulations and Rules

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Financial Regulations and Rules EnglishFrench

Staff Regulations and Rules

UNIDO Headquarters

  • Headquarters Agreement
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1998-06-01Agreement between UNIDO and the Republic of Austria regarding the Headquarters of UNIDO ArabicChineseGermanEnglishRussianSpanish

Supplementary Agreements

  • Social Security Agreement
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1972-01-01Agreement between UNIDO and the Republic of Austria concerning Social Security for officials of that Organization (entered into force 1 January 1972 - SUPERSEDED by the New Social Security Agreement)English
2010-11-01New Social Security Agreement between UNIDO and the Government of the Republic of Austria (entered into force on 1 November 2010)EnglishFrenchGerman

  • Common Fund for Financing Major Repairs and Replacements
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2002-02-14Agreement between the Republic of Austria, the UN, IAEA, UNIDO and CTBTO regarding the Establishment and Administration of a Common Fund for Financing Major Repairs and Replacements at the Headquarters or Seats at the VIC (as amended on 24 January and 14 February 2002)English

  • Commissary
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1972-03-01Supplementary Agreement regarding the establishment of the Commissary (1 March 1972)English
1985-12-20Exchange of Notes regarding the Commissary (20 December 1985)English

  • Vienna International Centre
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1977-03-31Memorandum of Understanding concerning the allocation of Common Services at Donaupark Centre in Vienna between the UN, UNIDO and IAEA (entered into force on 31 March 1977)English
1998-11-20Supplementary Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Allocation of Common Services at the Donaupark Centre in Vienna (entered into force on 20 November 1998)English