Entrance and Exit Protocols

Before accessing a POP contaminated site the steps determined in a previous defined entrance protocol must be followed. Furthermore, after finishing field works or before eating, an exit protocol must be fulfilled. The following recommendations before entering and exiting a contaminated site should be taken into account.

Prepare and check the necessary PPE and have it available. If necessary, wash safety boots by using high pressure water in washing and cleaning area.
Inside changing rooms, put on first unused gloves and then the safety footwear, overall and masks if applicable. Once inside the changing room, strip off used gloves and throw them into a hermetic rubbish disposal.
Check backup material: PPE’s, absorbing paper, eye-cleaning water, etc., and replace if necessary. Put on unused nitrile gloves.
Strip off boots, mask and overall. Store material in the corresponding compartment within the changing room.
Throw PPE´s and all other used materials into the rubbish disposal. Nitrile gloves will always be discarded. Overalls could be reused only if they are not pierced and did not have close contact with contaminants.
Throw away nitrile gloves.
Wash hands intensively with water and soap.
Exit the area immediately.

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