Component 1

Raising technological capabilities and competitiveness of industrial enterprises through the introduction of environment‐friendly technologies.

India’s environment policy as well as the 11th Five Year Plan support sustainable development by mainstreaming environmental concerns in all development activities including promotion of adoption of clean technologies by industry, especially by SMEs in sectors like leather, textiles, chemicals, foundries etc. Air quality improvement and substantial reductions in the discharge of effluents in river and water bodies have been prioritized in the Plan. Promotion of energy efficiency, renewable energy and optimal use of fossil fuel resources have been focused to limit the effect of green house gas emissions while at the same time contributing to an increased energy supply to sustain the momentum of economic growth.

Included in this component are projects to be implemented by UNIDO in cooperation with the Government of India, encompassing a wide range of sectors and issues ‐ from Cleaner Technology Promotion in India and supporting energy efficiency to coal bed methane recovery and commercial utilization; from renewable energy‐based economic development and development of a National Implementation Plan for the elimination of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) as a first step towards implementation of the Stockholm Convention
in India to supporting small enterprises in the automotive components industry; technology upgradation of the leather sector and the cane and bamboo project.


Modern Indian technology
View of the shopfloor of an enterprise under UNIDO auto component project