Youth entrepreneurship development in Namibia – entrepreneurship curricula in secondary schools, vocational education and training and youth centers

The project supports the Government's initiative in promoting opportunities for self-employment among the youth through the introduction of entrepreneurship development curricula.
The project will provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Education to support their efforts in developing and introducing entrepreneurship curricula in junior secondary schools (grades 8-10) and in vocational training institutions (equivalent to grades 11-13) and youth centres, in partnership with other supporting institutions.
For the secondary schools, the project will build on the ongoing and preceding efforts for entrepreneurship curriculum development, and support the finalization of teacher's guides, training of teachers' trainers and of in-service-teachers. Building on the experiences with the secondary schools, and giving continuity to them, the project will also provide its technical assistance for the development of entrepreneurship unit standards and modules and instructors guides for the vocational education and training system.