Selection Process

The selection process will target YPs who have been educated in the fields directly relevant to UNIDO’s work and who have demonstrated a proven track record of achievement in their academic studies. The Organization will also consider geographical and gender diversity.

The selection process will be competitive and will consist of the following steps:

a) Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be pre-screened with an online test. Where applicable, they will also be required to send excerpts of three chapters from their dissertation, or to write an essay.

b) On the basis of the above, candidates will be short-listed and may be invited to Headquarters where they will undergo a written test, presentation to a panel and a structured panel interview. The assessment process may also take place on a regional basis, if it is considered cost effective or will facilitate the assessment of a bigger pool of candidates.

c) Following the personal assessment and recruitment process established for core professional level posts, the recommended candidates will be reviewed by the Professional Selection Panel before an appointment decision is made by the Director-General.