Establishment of the Moroccan Cleaner Production Center (CMPP)

The CMPP, part of the National Cleaner Production Centers network (NCPC) put in place in the framework of the joint programme between UNIDO and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), funded by the Swiss government through the Secretary of States for Trade Affairs (Seco).
The CMPP calls for the international technical expertise of the UNIDO, the Swiss centre of reference whose coordination is provided by the federal laboratory EMPA and the national expertise network of the CMPP.

Objective and Mission of the CMPP

The CMPP is the national technical center of reference for the promotion of sustainable industrial production techniques. Its main mission is to provide technical assistance to Moroccan enterprises towards adopting clean technologies and management systems which will enable simultaneous improvement of the economic performance in terms of productivity and competitiveness and the environmental performance.

The services offered by the CMPP are:

  • Training in environmental engineering, human resource for industrial enterprises, professional associations, advisory and expertise offices, public and private institutions and governmental organisations;
  • Elaboration of diagnostics and environmental evaluations of industrial units to demonstrate the benefits of the cleaner production concept and the adaptation of the approach to the local environment;
  • Promotion of credit facilities enabling the enterprises to reach source of funds from clean technological transfer projects and technical assistance in financial engineering for the establishment of financial application files;
  • Advisory on environmental politics through a proposal to government recommendation authorities and regulatory projects related to the promotion of a cleaner production;
  • Conducting projects in the framework of the national and international cooperation, at the bilateral and multilateral levels, for the set up of international environmental conventions to be applied to the industrial sector;
  • Awareness and diffusion of the cleaner production concept for industrial, governmental organisations and academic institutions;
  • Assistance to the enterprises in social update (CSR).