Technical assistance in the promotion of local products value in the Oriental region

The project " technical assistance in the promotion of local value products in the Oriental region " is part of the component I related to rural development and reinforcement of production capabilities of the IPM II.
It aims at bringing support to development programmes undertaken by the Oriental Agency through the reinforcement of production and commercial capabilities towards market access, creation of employment and revenue generation in the oriental region. The immediate objective of this project is to reinforce the capabilities of local players in the production, processing and marketing of high potential value local products onto the national and international markets.

The Oriental agency dedicated the equivalent of 2 000 000 Dirhams in Euros, for 3 years (2008-2011). A study on the development of a regional information chart and a strategic questioning on the existing or potential channels in the oriental region have been launched.

The regional information chart consisted of:

  • Collect the relevant information on the oriental region at the national and local levels;
  • Process, analyse and synthesize the information ;
  • Build up reasoning and tools which will clarify the information.

The strategic questioning is a thought which aims at identifying projects with potential, in collaboration with the concerned players, to adapt the local development mode (traditional) to the changes in the local, national and international market.
A number of promotion opportunities for the activities increasing the value of local productions have been identified, namely honey, terfes, olive, dates, Aromatic and Medicinal essence, local ovin breed, goat milk. Given the importance of intra-regional disparities, an average of ten projects has been proposed to study their viability in different areas.