Coastal Tourism Project in Mozambique

The Inhambane province in Mozambique is rich in coastal biodiversity and offers many attractions that can be developed to promote ecotourism in the region

The overall objective of the project is to promote the conservation, management and monitoring of this coastal biodiversity. The project will also aim at enhancing and diversifying sustainable local livelihoods through ecotourism as a means of alleviating poverty. Priority will be given to identifying the integrated roles of sustainable tourism and the designation and management of Marine Protected Areas. The project will be implemented at two sites.

The first location is close to Inhambane where diving is the main tourist activity and the protection of the sand dunes and mangrove forests are of utmost importance.

The second location is Pomene Game Reserve in Inhambane Province. It is a 200km2 area which includes mangrove forests, coastal dunes, savannahs, sand forest and wooded grassland. Tourist activities include diving, horse riding, hiking, fishing and quad biking.

At the completion of the project, it is envisaged that the coastal natural resources will be well managed with improved conservation, management and monitoring of coastal biodiversity. This will include the designation and management of Marine Protected Areas in relation to tourism needs and community management strategies. A reduction in illegal and unlicensed development and fishing, and reduced risk to the integrity of the coastal landscape and biodiversity are also envisaged. Sustainable local livelihoods will be enhanced and diversified through ecotourism, contributing to poverty reduction.