Thursday, 01 April 2010

Energy for development is the focus of the second issue of UNIDO magazine

VIENNA, 1 April 2010 – Articles by social and human rights advocate, Bianca Jagger; China’s solar power millionaire, Zhengrong Shi; and the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, Nobuo Tanaka; are among the top stories featured in the latest issue of the quarterly magazine, Making It: Industry for Development.

The second issue of the Making It - published by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) - focuses on the role of energy in spurring development. It highlights the importance of energy generation to facilitate productive activities, and the need for improved access to energy as a means of reducing poverty.

The magazine looks at ways industries across the globe can increase output to meet a growing demand while, at the same time, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Other contributors include Brazilian social scientists, José Goldemberg and Oswaldo Lucon; the CEO of Norway’s Statoil, Helge Lund; and the Executive Director of the Energy and Resources Institute, Leena Srivastava.

UNIDO’s Director-General Kandeh K. Yumkella describes the magazine as being “high-quality, scholarly, but accessible”, and essential in the context of disseminating knowledge more broadly than the UN agency has done before.

The magazine website – - includes additional material and relevant links, and provides a platform for discussion and debate about the intersection of industry and development, as well as on climate change and sustainable development.

For more information and to subscribe to future issues, visit the website or contact:

Charles Arthur, Editor – Making It
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