UNIDO's Investment Learning Centre (ILC) from the Trade, Investment and Innovation Department (TII) disseminates UNIDO methodologies and tools for investment project development, promotion and implementation. 

COMFAR - Computer Model for Feasibility Analysis and Reporting has been a flagship UNIDO product for over 30 years.   




Vienna, Oct.17th , 2016. UNIDO Investment Learning Centre puts a red carpet to welcome participants of the One – Belt – One – Road (OBOR), Inclusive and Sustainable City Exhibition and Dialogue that starts today at UNIDO HQs. During the event UNIDO ILC will facilitate the Matchmaking City to City Partnerships to Promote Investment. UNIDO methodologies, tools and approaches for promotion of investment projects to drive economic transformation will be discussed during side events and workshops. The will be also presented to OBOR participants at UNIDO ILC booth.


Vienna, Sept. 29th, 2016 . Two week training course on Financial Analysis of Investment Project Scenarios with Application of COMFAR software was organized by the Agri-Business Development Branch of UNIDO’s Programme Development and Technical Cooperation Division (PTC/AGR) within the framework of the project Supporting Nigeria’s Staple Crop Processing Zones (SCPZs). Technical support for the workshop was provided by PTC/TII Investment Learning Centre. 12 Nigerian professionals have successfully completed the course at intermediate level.  The course was held at UNIDO HQs in Vienna from September 19th to 29th, 2016.  




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