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3 Round Table 3 Tuesday, 2 December 2003, 11:30-13:30 CET
Conference Room B
  Making Trade Work for the Poor -
Stimulating the Real Economy's Response
 Issue Paper



Diversification of production structure, development of manufacturing exports and access to foreign markets are essential features of structural change needed in the poor countries for economic development and consequential eradication of poverty.

In order for the developing countries to participate in the rule-based multilateral trading system, they need to strengthen their production and supply-side capacity and enhance capabilities to meet standards, quality and conformity assessment.

The poor countries face a number of problems and need technical assistance to alleviate those problems. All those and other related issues and UNIDO's role in that area were the subject of discussion in the third Round Table on Making Trade Work for the Poor.

Keynote Speaker 
Mr. Adrian WoodChief Economist, DFID, United Kingdom
Mr. Alan Bryden, Secretary-General, ISO
Ms. Silvia Cuéllar, Executive Director, Federation of Chambers and Associations of Central American and Caribbean Exporters (FECAEXCA)
Mr. Tadesse Haile, State Minister of Trade and Industry, Ethiopia
Mr. Jeremy Hobbs, Executive Director, OXFAM International
Mr. Oskar Knapp, Ambassador, Delegate for Trade Agreements, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Switzerland
Mr. Stefano Ponte, Senior Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies
Mr. Kipkorir Rana, Deputy Director-General, WTO
Mr. Otto Genee, Director, Policy Coherence Unit,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands
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