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Evaluation and Internal Oversight

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UNIDO's Office of Evaluation and Internal Oversight (EIO) has three main functions:

Independent Evaluation

The primary purpose of the independent evaluation function is to provide, credible and useful assessment of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, coherence, sustainability and impact of UNIDO operations and interventions, projects, programmes, thematic areas and strategies, in order to:

  • contribute to evidence-based planning and programming and informed decision-making
  • add value and improve the work of the Organization
  • drive innovation and foster organizational learning from experience
  • strengthen national evaluation capacity in our partner countries
  • contribute to greater results accountability and build trust

Internal Audit

The internal audit function has the primary purpose to provide independent and objective assurance and advice on services, systems, processes, procedures and operations from all sources of funds, both at Headquarters and in the field, in order to:

  • add value to UNIDO‘s operations to improve the effectiveness of governance and risk management, as well as to emphasize transparency
  • provide assurance on the adequacy of internal control systems and compliance with UNIDO regulatory framework
  • assess efficiency of resources usage
  • provide assurance on early implementation of new processes and input for course correction before processes are fully established.


The investigation function, as part of the broader justice system of the Organization, has the primary responsibility to establish the existence (proving) or non-existence (disproving) of the elements that constitute a wrongdoing. Investigation contributes to the accountability, culture of ethics and integrity, and good governance within the Organization.

In cases of allegations of misconduct, such as fraud, corruption, workplace harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, retaliation, waste of resources, and/or violation of UNIDO regulations, rules and procedures, and other wrongdoing, the investigation function conducts fact-finding inquiries to determine if they occurred and if so, the persons or entities responsible.