Evaluation and Internal Oversight

The Office of Evaluation and Internal Oversight (ODG/EIO)  

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is responsible for providing the Director General, and management at large, with independent, objective assurance, advice and evaluation designed to add value to and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of UNIDO’s operations, internal control framework, risk management, RBM and governance processes. It provides evidence-based information that is credible, reliable and useful, enabling the timely incorporation of findings, recommendations and lessons learned into the decision-making processes at organization-wide, programme and project level. The Office also assesses that UNIDO’s programmes and projects, and thematic areas correctly address the stated objectives of the Organization, especially the implementation of the corporate strategy of inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) through programme for country partnerships (PCPs).

The Office undertakes fact-findings in cases of alleged irregularity, wrongdoing, waste of resources and/or violation of UNIDO’s regulations, rules and procedures with a view to safeguarding the Organization’s interests and to ensuring accountability. It also acts as the focal point within UNIDO for the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) of the United Nations system and as Secretariat for the Independent Oversight Advisory Committee (OAC).

ODG/EIO is governed by the Charter of the Office of Evaluation and Internal Oversight, the Evaluation Policy, the Internal Audit Policy, the Investigation Policy, and by the professional standards and norms established for its independent oversight functions. ODG/EIO oversees the Independent Evaluation Division (ODG/EIO/IED) and the Internal Oversight Division (ODG/EIO/IOD)The Evaluation function supports learning, continuous improvement and accountability, and provides factual information about results and practices that feed into programmatic and strategic decision-making processes; and the Internal Oversight function is responsible for the independent, objective assurance and advice designed to add value to and improve UNIDO’s operations as well as emphasize transparency. For more detailed information on the specific functions of the two EIO Divisions, please follow below links.

ODG/EIO has also prepared the 2020-2024 Strategy for the Office of Evaluation and Internal Oversight with the aim to make explicit its Mission and Vision. Thus providing all internal and external EIO stakeholders with an explicit road map on how EIO, through the discharge of its core oversight functions (evaluation, internal audit and investigation), can further add value to UNIDO’s organizational performance and governance. And, ultimately, contribute to the achievement of the institutional goals and objectives as reflected in UNIDO’s mandate, under the Organization’s current medium-term programme framework (MTPF), and in relevant governing bodies decisions and resolutions.