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Investigation identity

The investigation function, as part of the broader justice system of the Organization, has the primary responsibility to establish the existence (proving) or non-existence (disproving) of the elements that constitute a misconduct. 

Investigation contributes to the accountability, culture of ethics and integrity, and good governance within the Organization.

What and how we investigate?

In cases of allegations of misconduct, such as fraud, corruption, workplace harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, retaliation, waste of resources, and/or violation of UNIDO regulations, rules and procedures, and other wrongdoing, the investigation function conducts fact-finding inquiries to determine if they occurred and if so, the persons or entities responsible.

Investigations are conducted in line with the Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations endorsed by the Conference of International Investigators, which is reflected in UNIDO’s Investigation Guidelines. Investigations are conducted with due professional care, objectivity, impartiality, and with strict regard for confidentiality.

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