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Forum part I: Global economic slowdown: the impact of manufacturing
The participants discussed the financial crisis and how it has generated an industrial crisis which has temporarily reversed the global integration of factor markets - goods, capital and labour.
The discussions covered the key elements of the financial crisis, and special attention was paid to the temporary reversal in manufacturing and trade globalization and specifically how it is affecting developing countries.

Forum part II: Global economic recovery: seizing opportunities for greening industries.
The participants identified and built on emerging new areas for investment and growth, with the focus on the greening of existing industries, and developing new sustainable green industries.
A number of conditions were discussed that need to be met for greening and to encourage long run growth. These include the emerging opportunities for profitable investments; the need for enhanced interest for environmentally friendly goods and services from the population at large; and making sure that ‘green and greening industries’ become fundamentally part of industrial development.
Vital international policy coordination to address these requirements, as well as incentives at national levels were also discussed.

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