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30 Nov 2023, 09:00
12 Dec 2023, 17:00


Expo City, Dubai, UAE



COP28 banner

As the challenges posed by climate change intensify, COP28 emerges as a pivotal moment on the global stage. Amidst soaring global temperatures and a surge in extreme weather events, this year's UN Climate Change Conference carries immense importance. COP28 not only serves as a critical checkpoint to evaluate advancements under the 2015 Paris Agreement, a groundbreaking climate treaty, but it also stands as a key opportunity to help align the efforts on climate action, including measures that need to be put in place to bridge the gaps in progress. 

In accordance with global climate treaties, UNIDO has developed its first-ever Climate Change Strategy in close consultation with Member States. This strategy envisions a world where industry drives low-emission economies, improves living standards, and safeguards the environment for present and future generations, leaving no one behind. 

UNIDO's involvement in COP28 adopts a holistic approach consistent with its climate change strategy, aligning with crucial thematic tracks essential for sustainable development. These encompass Industry Decarbonization, Green Hydrogen, Food Security and Food Systems, Climate Adaptation and Resilience with cross-cutting themes such as Innovative Solutions, Innovative Finance and Gender and Youth.  

Throughout the two-week thematic programme, UNIDO will showcase a diverse array of initiatives, ranging from insightful side events and ministerial panels to collaborative programmes  with the host country, UAE, and strategic partnerships. The scope of our involvement extends to signing ceremonies, project launches, and major announcements, all reinforcing our unwavering commitment to fostering positive change. 

In the lead-up to COP28, UNIDO contributed to negotiations and political outcomes through an official submission to the First Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement, a key item to be considered at COP28. 

Embark on this collective journey with us as we navigate COP28, unfolding from November 30 to December 12, against the vibrant backdrop of Expo City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This esteemed locale provides an apt environment for shaping discussions and initiatives with a global impact. Together, let us chart paths toward transformative climate action, embodying UNIDO's steadfast dedication to a world where industry propels positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes.