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Human Resources Open Day

07 June 2023

HR Open Day Newsletter 2

VIENNA – Under the leadership of Ms. Okusitina Bulavakarua, the Human Resources Services (HRS) Team organized an innovative HR Open Day event on 7 June 2023. With over 300 participants both online and offline, HRS opened its doors to connect virtually with colleagues in the Field Offices and in-person with colleagues at Headquarters. 

The purpose of the HR Open Day event was to bring UNIDO’s HRS Division closer to the Organization’s personnel, listen to their questions and discuss with them proposals for streamlined HR services.

During the HR Open Day, colleagues had the unique opportunity to get to know the HR Team as well as the work they do on a daily basis. Participants were invited to join in interactive games such as answering multiple choice questions on posters. The questions probed colleagues’ knowledge of HR related matters and their familiarity of the HR Teams areas of work at UNIDO. In addition to this, colleagues from the Employee Services and Relations Unit provided information on Personnel Records and the structure of Official Status Files, and held a presentation on upcoming online Status Report and Dependency form.

The Director General participated in a Panel discussion on HR related issues, and thus, the participants had a unique opportunity to ask him directly and get his feedback on various HR related matters. Through initiatives like this, HRS aims to further strengthen the strong team spirit that prevails in the Organization and create a dialogue across entities.