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Programme and Budget Committee agrees budget for 2024-2025

23 May 2023

PCB 2023 Newsletter

VIENNA - Following three days of consultations, the thirty-ninth session of the UNIDO Programme and Budget Committee (PBC) concluded today with the adoption of the budget for 2024-2025.

The PBC consensus on a new budget confirms the trust of Member States in the Organization and Director General Gerd Müller’s reform efforts to shape the future of the Organization.

In adopting the programme and budgets for 2024-2025, UNIDO Member States expressed support for further modernization of UNIDO, the ongoing reform of the UNIDO field structure, and increased delivery of technical cooperation by 25 per cent.

The unanimous vote of the programme and budget agreement is a clear sign of confidence that UNIDO is moving in the right direction. Furthermore, it signals Member States' positive confirmation of trust in Director General Gerd Müller’s leadership and priorities.

The new 2024-2025 budget includes a balance for inflation and an annual increase of about five per cent. The Director General declared the achievement of the agreement as a great success for UNIDO and expressed his gratitude and acknowledgement of the strong trust and support of Member States. The agreement now paves the way for UNIDO to do more with more, in its efforts to be a central platform for global knowledge and technology transfer for sustainable industrial development.

In statements delivered by their representatives, UNIDO Member States commended the Organization for its technical assistance, policy advice and capacity building programmes, and welcomed the Director General’s priorities outlined in his report: food security and agribusiness; fair global supply chains; energy efficiency and improved access to renewable energy to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

The UNIDO Secretariat expressed its gratitude to Ambassador Aftab Ahmad Khokher of Pakistan, who excellently chaired the 39th session of the PBC.

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