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UNIDO launches a Roadmap for Developing the PPE Production in Egypt

11 September 2020


CAIRO, 11 September 2020, The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), is launching a Roadmap for improving the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Egypt.

The COVID-19 puts a lot of pressure on the health care system in Egypt due to the growing demand on PPE products for the COVID-19 pandemic.  On that basis, this study attempts to provide a roadmap for Egypt to enhance its PPE supply chain to face shortage-related challenges and to enhance its capacity to capitalize on the rising global demand. The roadmap was designed through deep engagement and in consultation with different stakeholders. The study development was supported by Industrial Modernization Centre of Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

The roadmap reveals six pillars to develop the PPE production in Egypt: 1) Raising public awareness of the importance of PPE in containing COVID-19; (2) Investing in spun-melt technology; (3) Strengthening audit and regulatory bodies; (4) Providing business development services to PPE sector; (5) Increasing the supply of PPE by introducing Public-Private partnerships; (6) Repurposing manufacturing facilities as a temporary measure to produce PPE.


Download the English version of roadmap here.

For more information, please contact

Bassel El Khatib

Director and UNIDO Representative of Egypt Regional Hub


Ahmed Rezk,

UNIDO National Programme Officer in Egypt