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UNIDO publishes new Competitive Industrial Performance Report

07 May 2019


VIENNA, 7 May 2019 - Where does your country rank in the latest Competitive Industrial Performance Index?

Find out who has gone up and who has gone down in the global manufacturing ranking based on capacity to produce and export manufactured goods, extent of technological deepening and upgrading, and impact on the world market.

UNIDO's Competitive Industrial Performance Report 2018 is based on the analysis of eight indicators of industrial performance which are used to construct a composite index, widely known as the CIP Index. Countries are ranked by the index score indicating their relative position in global manufacturing. An upward shift in rank over time indicates a gain in competitive industrial performance in comparison to others. The CIP Index is a widely used by international development agencies to rank countries in the context of their development priorities.

The CIP Report also presents the ranking of countries according to each of the eight indicators as well as by country groups and regions.

The best performing three counties according to the CIP Report 2018 are Germany, Japan and China. Germany has been on top of the ranking for many years, followed by Japan and the United States. However, now China has overtaken the United States and occupies third position. The 2018 report covers 150 countries, more than any previous report.

For the first time, the CIP Report includes a new dimension to the index reflecting the effect of industrial production on the environment. Countries with higher rates of CO2 emissions drop down in position in an adjusted CIP Index. According to this, Germany remains top, but Switzerland and Ireland are also now top performers, while China’s ranking drops from third to 20th position due to a high intensity of CO2 emissions. Among other countries losing position are those with high levels of mineral resource processing (such as oil and gas), for example, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Iran.

Click here to download the UNIDO Competitive Industrial Performance Report 2018