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UNIDO-GEF Cooperation

Over the decades the GEF has provided UNIDO with over $1 billion in grants for UNIDO to support more than 400 project in over 100 countries, covering a variety of environmental and industrial development issues. The UNIDO-GEF alliance helps countries achieve the Global Environmental Benefits (GEBs) by reducing GHG emissions, enhancing climate resilience, eliminating chemical waste, protecting biodiversity, reducing land degradation and improving quality of international water bodies.

The environment is not an issue, it is the very foundation of our economies and societies. Investing in the environment is investing in a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Carlos Manuel Rodríguez

CEO and Chairperson (GEF)

Focal Areas

Through UNIDO-GEF projects on biodiversity, chemicals & waste, climate change, international waters, and land degradation, countries achieve global environmental benefits (GEBs) and pave the way towards a greener, more resilient future.

We need to implement the SDG agenda, the Paris Climate Agreement and the Biodiversity Convention. Globally, we have the technologies and the knowledge to protect the planet and to limit climate change.

Gerd Müller

Director General of UNIDO

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