2018 Sep. 25 08:00 AM
2018 Sep. 25 09:30 AM


United Nations Headquarters New York


The United Arab Emirates, the Russian Federation, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS)

GMIS Breakfast Session

GMIS at UNGAThe dawn of a new industrial revolution powered by high tech innovation is at hand. Never before has the world faced such a rapid pace of technological advancement. New value chains are emerging and traditional paradigms will be forever disrupted. In this increasingly connected world it is of critical importance that we as governments, as companies, as communities and as global citizens embrace the spirit of collaboration and of international cooperation, steering policies and mobilising technologies in a way that maximises social impact for the greater good. Today’s policymakers, business leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, social influencers and visionaries are the stewards for tomorrow, shaping the global political and industrial landscape for future generations.
This session will bring together a diverse panel of influential thinkers representing a range of gender, geographies, experiences and perspectives to discuss not only the importance of international cooperation in developing sustainable, inclusive, forward-looking practices but also the key role the manufacturing sector can play in achieving positive outcomes as we navigate this new era of disruption.

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