2016 Apr. 18 09:00 AM
2016 Apr. 19 01:00 AM


Vienna International Centre (D1377)



Project meeting and technical workshop

Project meeting and technical workshop - A Study on Global Value Chains and International Cooperation on Indutrial Capacity with a Focus on China, South-East and South Asian Countries

The objective of the meeting is to discuss the overall strategy of the project with the counterpart and experts and to define the distribution of task among the participants. The specific objectives are the following: • Accord on a shared understanding on the objective, strategy and implementation approach of the project. • Review the main approaches to GVC integration analysis, their pros and cons, and the best way to integrate them into a useful framework to address the main objective of the project. • Finalize the outline of the final report and contents of each chapter • Define the specific tasks and activities in which the participants can contribute in the development of the project.