2017 Sep. 24 01:00 AM
2017 Sep. 24 02:00 AM


Geneva, Switzerland

UNIDO Side Event at COP1: From Earth to Earth - taking mercury out of the global market

UNIDO organized a side event, entitled "From earth to earth - taking mercury out of the global market", on 24 September as part of the first Conference of the Parties (COP1) of the Minamata Convention in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to the introduction of the UNIDO mercury programme and early implementation activities funded by the government of Switzerland, 4 expert panel interviews and 4 subsequent interactive small group round table discussions were conducted. The side event focused on artisanal and small scale mining, waste management, industrial sources, and early implementation. These areas represent the strengths of UNIDO, where we are prepared to work with developing countries to comply with the Convention. The panel experts were represented by Argor Heraeus (a gold refiner), Nomura Kohsan (a mercury waste management company), Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of China (government and executing agency) and the Global Environment Facility (funding mechanism of the Minamata Convention). The event was well attended by more than 80 representatives from countries, donors, NGOs and the private sector.