2019 Jun. 03 07:30 AM
2019 Jun. 03 09:00 AM


Veranda Hall, WCEF 2019, Helsinki, Finland


UNIDO, WCEF, Chatham House

WCEF2019 Side Session: Circular Economy in Developing Countries

The next two years present a moment of opportunity to develop a global vision for the circular economy (CE) aligned with climate action and the broader sustainable development agenda. There is much scope for aligning CE strategies with climate action and sustainable development commitments at the national and international level. Key international milestones in global climate change talks, in the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals and in the agreement of a global treaty on biodiversity protection in 2019 and 2020 present a unique opportunity to integrate the CE into existing global political agendas and catalyse increased public and private investment in the roll-out and scale-up of CE solutions in developing countries.

This event will consider the critical role that developing countries will play in regional and global circular value chains and will explore pathways through which to accelerate the transition to a CE in developing countries. The following questions will be the focus of discussion:

  1. How well aligned are the principles and practices of the CE with existing policy priorities in developing countries?
  2. Under what conditions can CE activities expand and thrive in developing countries?
  3.  How might greater collaboration at the regional and global level facilitate the scaling up of circular value chains, both in developing and developed countries?

Find agenda of the event here.