Food Safety – a driver for human and economic development

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Food safety is a key determinant of human health and at the same time a key contributor to agricultural development and food security. Having safe product is a fundamental requirement in food trade. For this reason, its far-reaching impacts elevates food safety to a common denominator and connector of Health, Agriculture and Trade, by contributing to economic and human development.

UNIDO’s Food Safety Approach - Safer Food for Sustainable and Resilient Businesses


UNIDO’s food safety approach is designed to help execute the Organization’s mandate and structure its interventions such that it can leverage its capacity building initiatives as well as its advisory and convening power to support sustainable and resilient food and agrifood businesses. Therefore, it is a lever which ensures that the organization’s food safety-related capacity development initiatives are effective and contribute fully, in a cohesive and holistic manner, to achieving inclusive and sustainable industrial development. UNIDO’s three pillared approach have the expected outputs from Building Blocks forming, each pillar, along with the Targeted Interventions aiming to achieve these outputs.

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Relevance of food safety to


Safe, nutritious and sufficient food and its preeminence as a determinant of health was clearly identified as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, which reaffirmed the interdependence of food safety and food security. From ending hunger to sustainable industrialization and sustaining natural resources, food safety and agri-business development lie at the very heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Food Safety Approach: Safer Food for Sustainable and Resilient Businesses



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