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The findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report are unequivocally urgent and stark: a fundamental transformation of the global economy is required towards eco-friendly, resource-conserving and climate-neutral development, if we are to remain within the internationally agreed 1.5°C warming threshold. We must also build resilience against climate impacts and ensure a just transition towards a low-carbon society. 

Industry is directly responsible for more than one third of global primary energy consumption and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, including hard-to-mitigate sectors, such as chemicals, steel and cement. As such, the industrial sector will play a vital role in determining whether climate action, in line with internationally agreed targets, will be achieved. 

Working at the intersection between governments, industry and innovation, UNIDO is uniquely positioned to drive change in industrial development and industrial practices and drive a just transition towards a climate-resilient, net-zero society.