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Imagine if women played an identical role to men in the labor force, as much as $28 trillion or 26% could be added to global annual GDP by 2025. Considering that it will require between $5-7 trillion of investment capital to address critical challenges outlined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Gender Lens Investing is the best silver bullet we have at hand.

…time to untap the potential of Gender Lens Investing!

Course topic

Gender Lens Investing is the deliberate integration of gender analysis, investment analysis and decision making, where investments are made in more women- owned or led enterprises and/or investments are made in enterprises that promote gender equality at the workplace, as well as in products or services that substantially improve the lives of women and girls, building strong, resilient economies of the future.

Be part of a sustainable and inclusive economic movement where mission-driven entrepreneurs, business advisors, incubators and impact investors are changing the landscape of today’s economy with a Gender Lens Approach.

What’s in it for you?

Join the UNIDO “Impact Gender Lens Investing” Training Programme for impact and mission-driven investors and entrepreneurs looking to operate in emerging markets and acquire knowledge on solid, practical pathways for investing with a gender lens.

This course is for you, if you want to:

  • gain an in-depth understanding of the business case for Gender Lens Investing,
  • learn how to strategically navigate both emerging public and private markets for Gender Lens Investing opportunities that give you a cutting edge,
  • identify the range of available resources and tools to help you along the investment journey,
  • learn how investment for climate action and Gender Lens Investing can reinforce each other;

Are you ready change the landscape of today’s economy with a Gender Lens Approach?

The e-learning course is self-paced and available for free. You can create an account on the UNIDO Learning Page and access all available modules there.

This learning initiative is brought to you by ITPO Germany, the Office for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP), the Private Financing and Advisory Network (PFAN) and the Programme “ACP Business-friendly: Supporting value chains through inclusive policies, investment promotion and alliances”.