To achieve the commitments under the Paris Agreement, a fundamental transformation of systems for their decarbonization and low-carbon growth is required. At its heart, is the need to reduce energy-related and process emissions to tackle climate change.

More than 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions stem from industry. A carbon-neutral industrial development plays a fundamental role in achieving the ambitious target of net-zero by 2050. Innovative technologies like hydrogen will play critical role in decarbonizing industry, especially the energy-intensive sectors such as cement, chemicals and steel. 

Green hydrogen can contribute to a clean, carbon-neutral industry and can be a long-term option for energy storage on a large scale. Green hydrogen can help developing countries and emerging economies achieve energy transition, enhance their national energy security, and address climate mitigation objectives. 

As hydrogen technologies are increasingly maturing and prices are becoming competitive, it becomes urgent to develop and apply conducive policies, robust legal frameworks, and coherent international standards for the global uptake of Green Hydrogen.

UNIDO at the forefront of industry decarbonization

In line with its mandate, UNIDO supports the Member States in their efforts towards Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development and is committed to take the lead in promoting an inclusive energy transition.  

With its long-standing experience in renewable energy projects and the application of clean energy technology in industry, UNIDO successfully collaborates with a wide range of partners globally supporting industries in their pathway to net zero.

"UNIDO has vast experience working with renewable energy and hydrogen. The organization has been a pioneer within the hydrogen sector and previously collaborated with different stakeholders to promote hydrogen". – said LI Yong at the Vienna Energy Forum 2021. 

UNIDO strategy for promoting green hydrogen in industry

Recognizing the growing importance of Green Hydrogen, UNIDO launched a global Programme to foster the application of green hydrogen in industry in July 2021. The programme is formed by two pillars:

  • The first pillar is the Global Partnership for Hydrogen in Industry. It aims to accelerate global strategic dialogue. It will enhance the exchange, development and distribution of knowledge on policies, technical guidelines and standards.

UNIDO sees crucial importance in developing collaborations between different stakeholders across the globe, including the public and private sectors, financial organizations, and academia to ensure inclusive energy transition and that nobody is left behind.

  • The second pillar is technical cooperation through which UNIDO will promote the industrial application and up take of green hydrogen. UNIDO together with industries and governments in developing and transition countries will design and implement national industrial green hydrogen roadmaps and pilot projects. This includes building-up green hydrogen clusters and value chains, and advancing sector coupling in industrial zones and parks.

Both pillars will be supported by the International Hydrogen Energy Centre in Beijing that UNIDO launched together with the Chinese Government. The Centre will operate as a knowledge partner by supporting technology research, development and application as well as by building-up green hydrogen economies.

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UNIDO's Global Programme for Green Hydrogen in Industry
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Gerd Müller's message at the Hydrogen Congress for Brazil


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