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  • Analyse the investment trends in Africa
  • Assess the performance and impact of foreign investor
  • Evaluate the response of investments to incentives
  • Design policy based on empirical evidence
  • Identify and promote investment opportunities
  • Understand the influence of foreign investment on performance of domestic companies

What is the IMP?

  • Global web-based tool to analyse, research, and shaer investment data
  • Data and knowledge sharing for the public and private sector
  • Initially launched for 19 African countries
  • Hosts in-depth data on almost 7,000 companies in the target countries

How do I use the IMP?

  • Interactive data visualization tools (histograms, pie-, bar-, bubble charts, and heatmaps)
  • User-friendly and intuitive graphical interface for analysis of data
  • Built-in online report generator
  • Online information sharing of research results on the platform
  • Creation of rich country- and sector specific knowledge base

Effective knowledge sharing

  • Browse hundreds of research results posted by IMP users
  • Comment, rate, and discuss postings by others
  • Management and tracking tool for Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs)
  • IPAs can reply to investors’ requests with their analysis generated on the IMP

IMP connecting business

  • Surveyed companies can easily showcase their products and services
  • Business-to-Business matchmaking
  • Currently 5,000 companies visible, periodically updating their records
  • Build-up of reliable business directories for African countries

Our next steps

  • Increase data collection to 20+ new countries across Africa and other regions
  • Updating of the company records in the business directory
  • Outreach to new companies