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Czech high-level delegation visited UNIDO regional office in Uruguay

19 March 2024

1 Czech high-level delegation visited UNIDO regional office in Uruguay

Montevideo, 14 March 2024 - The Regional Office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Uruguay hosted a high-level delegation from the Czech Republic, led by Senator Miroslav Plevný, together with senior members of Parliament and representatives of the Confederation of Industry and Transport.  

The meeting, attended remotely by UNIDO's Special Representative for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Josef Karl Pelikan, and UNIDO's Regional Representative for the Southern Cone, Manuel Albaladejo, focused on the exchange of experiences and the search for common ground from which new partnerships could emerge.

Pelikan underlined the importance of the Czech Republic for UNIDO and thanked the delegation for their high-level visit to learn first-hand about UNIDO's work in the region. He emphasized UNIDO's capacity to implement projects globally and encouraged future cooperation between the two parties.

The Czech delegation expressed its interest in initiatives related to the circular economy and the energy transition, and suggested the possibility of establishing links between Czech companies working on similar issues and UNIDO's initiatives in Uruguay, which represents an important opportunity for collaboration and expansion.

Manuel Albaladejo, presented a summary of the Office's project portfolio, highlighting the Renewable Energy Innovation Fund (REIF) program, which integrates a blended finance instrument to leverage private sector capital to boost Uruguay´s second energy transition. He also discussed UNIDO´s work on circular economy making reference to several other initiatives including GEF-funded Biovalor project and PAGE Uruguay and Argentina.

The meeting concluded with a commitment from both sides to continue exploring new avenues of cooperation, including knowledge sharing and the potential participation of Czech companies in UNIDO´s initiatives.  

For more information, please contact::
Manuel Albaladejo, UNIDO Representative for Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.