Director General’s dialogue with the Asia-Pacific Group

Director General’s dialogue with the Asia-Pacific Group

VIENNA, 13 April 2022 – During a briefing with UNIDO’s Asia-Pacific Member States, Director General Gerd Müller highlighted that scaled-up cooperation with the private sector is necessary to bring the region forward: One of UNIDO’s top goals is getting more partners on board to intensify investment and bring development work there to a new level.

He pointed out the consequences of climate change, the armed conflict in Ukraine, and the still ongoing pandemic which has led to a dramatic rise in energy and food prices.

The DG has initiated a reform process and new thematic priorities that will address the contribution of the Organization in such a way that we tackle these crises, together with our partners and Member States.

Partnerships within the region are just as important: “South-South and Triangular cooperation will be a key priority for Asia and the Pacific”, cooperation which will bolster Asia-Pacific’s success in “the green transition, sustainable agriculture, climate resilience, and of course, creating opportunities especially for younger people.” 

New work initiatives will be developed by the Organization and the newly established Office for South-South and Triangular cooperation will help create and improve partnerships. A special representative for Asia and the Pacific will be appointed soon to help implement these plans.